National Health Service

During the peak of the CV19 pandemic in Spring 2020, staff at the Royal Stoke hospital, just like NHS workers nationwide, were working overtime in a stressful environment and feeling mentally fatigued due to the intense demands of their work and the difficulties in treating the effects of Covid. The hospital had experienced significant increases in extremely serious cases, and being there for critical patients really took a toll on the mental health of staff.

In an effort to spread a little feel good factor, we donated 50 boxes of vitamin and mineral drinks to this amazing team. Janet Kent (a Royal Stoke hospital nurse) volunteered to distribute the products and even used their breaks to tell the hospital staff more about FG Factor drinks.

“Drinking FG Factor really made a difference. I felt generally more energetic during very long hospital shifts. And it felt like I was doing something to give my mental wellness a boost” said Janet.

As you can see from the pictures,it certainly brought smiles and “feel good” energy to everyone who had the chance to try the drink. The staff also really engaged with the flyers that were given out explaining the benefits of FG Factor drinks and the important links between nutrition and mental health.

Janet adds “We’re so grateful for the kind gesture from Connor and FG Factor. And we LOVE the taste of the drink – so refreshing! Even before you look at the health benefits and the boost to morale during very testing times.”

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